Leftists Irate After Hispanic Man Beaten, Told ‘Go Back to Your Country’ – But Wait Till You See the Attacker!

Liberals were up in arms about the evils of Americans when reports emerged that an elderly Hispanic man was beaten with a brick and told to “go back to your country,” painting the person who attacked the man as a racist. But those same leftists suddenly went quiet when it was discovered that the person who did the attack didn’t quite fit their narrative profile, that of the racist white male, that the attacker was in fact a black woman.

Over the July 4th holiday, a 30-year-old black woman named Laquisha Jones allegedly beat up Rodolfo Rodriguez, a 91-year-old Hispanic man who is a permanent, legal resident of the US. The Los Angeles police arrested Jones and charged her in the beating.

But, the Washington Post did its best to leave out the fact that the attacker was a black woman. Indeed, the world “black” is only used once in the whole July 9 story on the Post’s website.

While the attacker is identified in the story one time as black, everywhere else in the story, the attacker is only called a “woman.” The headline does not mention the attacker’s race nor does the first paragraph. It isn’t until the fifth paragraph that “the woman” is identified as black.

Now, you all know that if the attacker was a white person, her race would have been mentioned in the very first sentence if not the headline (and more likely both).

Indeed, Daily Caller made that point when it noted that the Post’s story of a black woman beating up a Hispanic man spends no time on the attacker’s race, yet the same Washington Post went out of its way to note that a “white man” called police on a woman at a pool.

Twitter user Rosie Memos also pointed out that several left-wing media outlets (but I repeat myself) also refused to even show a photo of the attacker as identified by police.

Naturally a host of liberals jumped to Twitter to try and blame President Donald Trump for the attack… and you can bet every one of these libs thought it was a white person who beat up the Hispanic man.

So here’s the thing and it shouldn’t even have to be said. There are people who do good and bad things of all races. It isn’t about race, it’s about character.

But you wouldn’t know that from the media’s effort to push identity politics and drive wedges between peoples. And everyone should be condemning divisive tactics and horrible acts like this.

H/T Gateway Pundit.

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