Angela Merkel’s Photo from G7 Went Viral — But We Found the Photo She Didn’t Share

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shared a photo of a group meeting during that G7 that quickly went viral on Sunday as the G7 summit was coming to an end and after President Donald Trump had left to go to Singapore for his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Merkel apparently though the photo that she shared, captioned “spontaneous meeting between two working sessions,” made her look tough.

And many liberals used it to mock Trump, make it appear she was yelling at him or that he wasn’t interested in the meeting. Interestingly, GOP and Trump supporters saw it exactly the opposite, as a sign that he was the one with the power in the room with her appealing him, holding court.

As with everything the media does, one unfortunately always has to ask questions. As most understand perspective is everything.

And perspective drawn by much of mainstream media has a distinct anti-Trump and anti-GOP bias.

Because there was another photo, taken about the same time, from the same angle that she didn’t share and didn’t go viral.

With good reason. Because it appeared not to fit the narrative the media was trying to pitch at all, with Merkel laughing with Trump, who is leaning forward clearly very engaged.

Whoops, people laughing, obviously not the ‘world is ending’ or ‘Trump is not engaged’ picture they wanted.

And then here’s another, which doesn’t crop out Justin Trudeau which is a more balanced view of the room which makes it look less like it’s only Trump on the one side of the table.

And here’s another shot from a different angle. You can make the call but the person tweeting it seems to have it in hand.

Fabian Reinbold notes the perspectives from the different teams.

An interesting study in perspective.

And some tried to compare it to the G7 with Obama.

But what they failed to notice but which is patently obvious is no one is paying any attention at all to Obama. Which is pretty much how they played him all during his presidency. He was desperate to belong to them, not to be the President of the United States.

But it’s pretty clear the G6 now know that they’re not dealing with Obama.

And what they’re also missing is that Trump was elected on a far different platform than Obama who craved their approval and acceptance. He was elected to reject a lot of their ridiculousness on climate change and the like.

As Nigel Farage notes, it’s not Merkel and co. setting the agenda anymore.

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Very proud of our president, nice to have a leader who actually likes America and wants the best for her!


The image of Obama and the G-7 looks like Obama photo-bombed the picture, and not one person is even noticing him. The image of President Trump all show them centered around him, he is the very center of attention, though he is not even trying to be, he is sitting calmly.

Po Tito

Didn’t that idiot Merkel destroy Germany? And they keep voting for her? Germans are suicidal.


That’s the best pic they had of Obama, he’s cracking up all alone in a crowd. No one paying any notice of him. They knew that’s what he was worth.


you go Ladies! Someone has to get the truth out. Thanks for supporting our GREAT President! You ladies ROCK!


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Cat Carkeek

great article 🙂 shame the four perspective pics by fabian reinbold have not shown up. Are you able to re-add this one?