Devastating New Poll Is Nothing But Bad News For Nancy Pelosi And Democrats

Nancy Pelosi is politically toxic. We all understand that.

Republicans would like Pelosi to be out of the picture but at the same time she helps Republicans so much by sticking around.

Pelosi’s Democratic Party is not a party that resonates with the majority of Americans and there’s no doubt she hurts her party when she speaks.

If you aren’t convinced about that just check out this poll…

From Breitbart:

A new poll conducted by America First Action Super PAC, President Donald Trump’s official Super PAC, shows that Democrats in Ohio are in serious trouble of losing their re-election bids while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proves to be an anchor on her party’s November chances.

The poll, provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release, perhaps most surprisingly shows incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in danger of potentially losing to GOP Senate nominee Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH). The survey shows Brown, who was thought to be safe without a serious chance of losing in November, only leading Renacci by 4 points–inside the poll’s margin of error. The statistical tie between Renacci and Brown in this key rust belt state means the populist Brown is going to have a fight on his hands from Renacci and the GOP, as this key rust belt state that voted overwhelmingly–more than 8 percent–for Trump over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election is heating up.

The reason why Democrats seem to be struggling in Ohio–and around the country–is contained in the next explosive newsworthy fact from this poll: President Trump is far more trusted and popular than Pelosi. When asked who they trust more to lead the nation, respondents overwhelmingly said President Trump and the GOP in Congress over Pelosi and Democrats in Congress. Trump leads Pelosi by double digits in this regard in Ohio, as 45 percent sided with him and Republicans whereas just 35 percent sided with Pelosi and Democrats.

This is devastating news for Democrats.

First of all, Sherrod Brown losing would be a huge blow to the party and it’s clear that Democrats have over hyped this “blue wave” that is allegedly coming.

Second of all, this is bad news for Pelosi specifically. She could very well end up being the reason why the blue wave never comes.

The economy is booming. Trump is killing it on foreign policy. Order is being restored in government.

There’s just no way Democrats can win with their current messaging. All they talk about is how they don’t like Trump. That’s not enough.

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DESTROY the Dems this NOVEMBER!!


Haven’t we learned to be skeptical of POLL RESULTS after the 2016 election?


haven’t we learned to be skeptical of poll results after the 2016 election?I


Nancy Pelosi leave Washington DC retire your sick spend you last days with your family and grandchildren your job is done!


Haha, Democrats are not losing around the country. Wishful thinking.


The left has nothing of substance or a positive word of encouragement for our economy – this article just pointed out to keep saying how much they dislike Trump just is not going to cut it. There is not a modicum of doubt in my mind that the Republicans will not win in midterms and the main election in 2020.


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DeNoro just joined the everwidening list of actors and actresses whose movies I will boycott. It is shameful to spew their venom at award functions – they should be muzzled!!

Anita Fritz

Nancy is certainly politically toxic, what better description, D&S you nailed it!! The Demo rats are brain dead, vulgar words and hate mongers. You two ladies keep in real and provide a touch of humor to the seriousness of this political circus

Anita Fritz

Nancy is certainly politically toxic, what better description, D&S you nailed it!! The Demo rats are brain dead, vulgar, and hate mongers. Ladies you keep it real with touch of humor to the seriousness of this political circus.