Identity Comes Out Of Man Who Shot Florida Cop In The Head; Media SILENT

Democrats used to be reasonable when it came to immigration. Yeah, they’ve always believed in letting as many people in as possible to get more votes. But, they used to at least pretend to care about deporting violent criminals and enforcing some of the laws that are on the books.

Those days are long gone.

The Democrats are now all about open borders, getting rid of ICE, and stopping the deportation of people who come here illegally and commit heinous crimes.

A police officer was recently shot in the head during an altercation in Florida. Guess who pulled the trigger? Someone who should never have been here.

From Breitbart:

An illegal alien from Haiti has been accused of shooting a Florida police officer in the head, leaving him in critical condition.

Wisner Desmaret, a 29-year-old illegal alien from Haiti, is facing eight felonies including attempted first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and nearly killed Fort Meyers Officer Adam Jobbers-MIller in a standoff with police, according to FOX 4 Now.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jobbers-Miller’s family and hopefully he makes a full recovery. This was a tragedy that never had to happen. Desmaret never should have been here.

Desmaret was previously arrested in 2011 after a standoff with police and arrested multiple times for trespassing. His most recent arrest was in March 2017. The illegal alien should have been turned over to ICE following his first arrest, but never was.

Immigration is great. Illegal immigration is not.

The United States, and every country, has the right to determine who comes into the country. That’s the whole point of having borders.

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