Elected Democrat Official Who Viciously Attacked Vet Just Learned Her Fate

The Palm Beach official who attacked a veteran over his support for President Donald Trump in a vile rant is now facing the consequences of her actions.

Pat Edmonson, the vice chair of the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District, is resigning her position in the wake of the backlash of her vulgar attacks on James Plowman on Facebook.

From Biz Pac Review:

On Wednesday, she stepped down from the position she was elected to in 2016, saying she made a ”terrible mistake,” WPBF-TV reported.

Edmonson sparred with retired military veteran James Plowman in comments on a post about Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin which noted that the president’s supporters should be treated as common criminals.

Plowman, who commented that he spent “30 years in the Infantry and 53 months in combat for our great nation” was subjected to Edmonson’s reprehensible attacks, as she called him a “traitor,” said he was “full of s–t,” and “F— you.”

A screenshot of the comments was posted on Facebook by Michael Barnett, Palm Beach County’s GOP chair, on Monday.

Plowman said while he dismissed being called a traitor, he couldn’t let the remarks she made about his fellow soldiers pass, saying that “just can’t be forgiven.” “It’s just not a place she should have ever went,” he said.

The supervisor of PBC Soil and Water Conservation said that Edmonson’s comments “in no way reflect the views or opinions of this elected board or its employees.”

He later took a much harsher tact calling the comments vile, hateful and disrespectful.

“For someone who’s elected and entrusted to represent Palm Beach County in a specific way, to say that is just, you can’t come back from something like that and she has no place in public office in my opinion,” he said, telling WPEC-TV that he was glad Edmonson resigned.

Edmonson apologized to Plowman on his Facebook page for “the inappropriate choice of language.”

“My words were spoken as a private citizen, not in any professional or public capacity and should be treated accordingly,” she wrote, adding that she “let my Trump hate get the best of me and said some truly hurtful things.”

”I made a terrible mistake; I apologized to the person I wronged,” she said in a statement released Wednesday, telling WPBF by phone that she has received death threats due to the viral post and comments.

Edmonson’s husband spoke with WPEC by phone, saying the heated exchange between his wife and Plowman became personal as her hatred of Trump got the best of her.

“This is not reflecting of who this person is and anyone who knows her, knows that,” he told the station, adding that she “regrets the use of any of this language,” and “this was a sleep-deprived episode where my wife has been working around the clock.”

She had also been working on the campaign of Jim Bonfiglio, a Democratic candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, but he kicked her off the campaign.

Her seat will now be filled through appointment or special election.

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