Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Was Destroyed — But People Can’t Help From Noticing What’s ‘Untouched’

How crazy are people with Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Well, there have been a lot of examples of violence and harassment on the part of the people n the left.

And one took his anger out on President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Trump received the star in 2007 for his work on “The Apprentice.”

Trump’s star was completely destroyed by a man who took a pickaxe to it and smashed it to pieces.

From Daily Wire:

“NBC’s Jonathan Gonzalez reported: ‘Multiple people — including police — tell me a man walked up with a guitar case and pulled out the pickaxe,” the Daily Beast reported. “Then, it’s believed, he called police himself to report it, but left the scene before they got here. Now, he’s nowhere to be found.

From NBC:

Witness David Palmer said he is accustomed to seeing the unusual on Hollywood Boulevard, where tourists mingle with street performers dressed as superheroes and other characters, but he was surprised to see the Walk of Fame vandalism.

“I’m like, ‘Why are you hitting that star? What did Donald Trump do to you?'” Palmer told NBC4. “Then he went around the corner and I think he left

KUTV’s Ron Bird posted a video of the damage.

The star-smashing suspect, who reported the crime to police, later turned himself in to Beverly Hills police after leaving the pickax at the scene, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. He called police and said, “See you soon,” Lt. Karen Leong of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division told the Los Angeles Times.

The suspect was identified as Austin Clay, 24, who was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism. His hometown was not immediately available.

This isn’t the first time the star was destroyed, it was also destroyed with a pickaxe in October 2016. James Otis pled no contest to felony vandalism to that crime and was sentenced to three years probation, 20 days of community service and agreed to pay $4,400.

While Trump’s star was destroyed there’s a star right next to his that was untouched and it says everything you need to know about Hollywood.

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