‘Shark Tank’ Star Tells Americans To Ignore Media’s Trump Hysteria, Look At All ‘Remarkable’ Things He’s Actually Done

The media is doing everything it can to make sure that Americans never hear about all the remarkable things Trump has done during his short time in office.

Tax reform. Slashing regulations. Booming economy. Erasing Obama’s legacy. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Liberals promised us that Trump would be a miserable failure and he’s been the opposite. The media realizes this which is why they’ve gone completely off the rails.

Ignore the noise. Ignore the hysteria. That’s the advice from Shark Tank star and billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary.

From Conservative Tribune:

Kevin O’Leary, noted investor and one of the stars of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” says when you cut through all of the noise surrounding Trump’s presidency, he’s doing some “remarkable” things to help businesses, specifically the cutting of regulations.

“I would say on a policy basis, I’m going to have to give it an 8 1/2 out of 10 so far,” O’Leary told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton of the Trump administration’s performance to date.

“The reduction of regulations has been remarkable in how it has accelerated small business,” he said. “These things are quietly being changed, and I really — I credit the administration for doing this. They’re making it easier to run a small business in pretty well every state I’m involved in. So that’s working.”

“Trump is like no president before him: not good, not bad, but different,” O’Leary wrote. “Want to manage through the turmoil? Here is a better strategy. Ignore the noise and watch the policy.”

O’Leary is a smart guy and that’s a pretty fair assessment.

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