Meghan McCain Asks Ladies of ‘The View’ 1 Simple Question About Socialism — It STUMPS Everyone

Once in a great while, TV personality Meghan McCain, daughter of Trump-hater Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), says something good and this week she posed a stumper to the left-wing hosts of ABC’s The View by asking them to name those countries where socialism has worked.

During the July 24 broadcast of the show, McCain slammed socialist New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the whole idea of socialism.

The Trump-hating Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, but when it came time for McCain, things went the other way.

As Daily Caller reported:

“This makes my head explode, which, by the way, I hope Democrats do run a Democratic Socialist — no, because I think you’ll look spectacularly and then I’ll look forward to election night when I finally get to tell everyone ‘I told you so’ if you end up running a radical,” McCain said.

“The problem with socialism, in the words of Margaret Thatcher: ‘At a certain point you run out of spending other people’s money.’ Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world in the 70s — now the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds because they’re starving to death,” she continued. “Ninty percent of the country is living in poverty. This is what I need from her. Name one country [where] socialism has ever worked.”

Joy Behar interrupted McCain to try to list countries such as Sweden and Denmark as examples of ‘successful socialism.’ McCain responded by highlighting that “countries with a population of 300,000 people” could not be compared to the United States. She could also have noted that those countries are drowning in taxes.

Indeed, just today it was learned that Venezuela will rack up an inflation rate of one million percent this year. You read that right, one MILLION percent.

Per The Washington Post:

When the International Monetary Fund predicted this year that hyperinflation in Venezuela could top 13,000 percent, it seemed as if the South American country’s economic outlook could not get any worse.

It just did.

With the situation in the country deteriorating faster than expected, the IMF has unveiled a far more severe prognosis, saying that Venezuela’s hyperinflation is poised to reach an annualized rate of 1 million percent by year’s end.

According to a study by Steve H. Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, Venezuela’s inflationary spiral as of May ranked as the 23rd highest ever recorded. The worst case on file remains Hungary after World War II, when inflation ran so rampant that prices doubled every 15 hours. More recently, Zimbabwe in the late 2000s and the former Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s saw peaks requiring calculators to sort out snowballing rates.

Wow! How can anyone with even two brain cells to rub together think that socialism is a good idea with examples such as this to look at?

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