Famed Dem Law Professor: It’s NOT Trump Who Could Be In Trouble From Tape Dropped By CNN

CNN has gone into full-blown anti-Trump mode. They dropped a tape of President Donald Trump conferring with his former attorney Michael Cohen about Karen McDougal who alleged she had had a relationship with Trump.

And Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said while the tape revealed no legal problems for Trump, there could be problems for Cohen and others depending on how the tape was obtained.

From Daily Caller:

“Not even a close question. There’s no crime,” Dershowitz said. “This was a conversation between a lawyer and a client that should never have been heard. Even if — even if and the tape is unclear, Trump raised the word cash, there was then a discussion. The lawyer said no, no, no. And President Trump said no, we’ll do it by check. Lawyers and clients have those conversations all the time. I’ve had conversations like that with clients. The end result was, cash was not used. No payments were made.”

“The context of the tape all suggests that the president wanted it to be papered. That he wanted it to be corporation, not just a payment. He wanted to make sure it was done right,” he added. “He wanted to make sure it was done with records. So I think the big picture is no crime.”

CNN is just trying to do whatever they can to embarrass Trump.

But the real question is how does a privileged conversation make its way to CNN? And that should concern everyone.

If it came from the Mueller-seized stash of information from Michael Cohen, someone should go to jail because that’s an illegal leak.

As Dershowitz notes:

“It also suggests that this conversation never should have been heard by any of us,” Dershowitz said. “And Cohen should not have recorded a conversation. You trust your lawyer to have a discreet conversation so that you can lay out all the possibilities and then decide what to do. The end result is: no payments were made, no cash was given. And so this is a big deal about nothing.”

Cohen could be in trouble if he leaked the information while it was privileged, Dershowitz said.

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