Elizabeth Warren Eyes 50% — 90% Tax Rate, Vows to Remove Trump’s Tax Cuts If Dems Take Congress Back

Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren says in a new interview that she wants to take away at least half of what you make in taxes if not more, America. She would also repeal the Trump tax cuts that have sparked the best economy we’ve had in decades.

Warren sat down with CNBC’s John Harwood for an interview where she tried to pretend she likes capitalism saying, “I believe in markets. What I don’t believe in is theft” and pleaded for people to believe her when she says, “I am a capitalist. Come on!”

Amusingly, CNBC’s Harwood asked her if she likes being a “polarizing figure”?

“That’s funny you’d say that. I actually don’t see it that way,” Warren replied. “I see it as wherever I go, people know what I fight for, and a lot of folks agree with me, and even a lot of folks who don’t respect the fact that I’m pretty darn clear about it and pretty straightforward about my fights for it.”

I don’t think Fauxcahontas is looking too hard, do you?

Harwood goes on to point out to the left-wing’s favorite 2020 prospect that few actual capitalists think she is anything less than a “polarizing figure.” She disputed that, of course, but when Harwood got to taxation, she pretty much proved that she is a radical, anti-capitalist nut.

She told Harwood that she would automatically repeal President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and then Harwood asked her what tax rate she thinks is too high.

“What’s too high for the top personal rate? Is 50% obviously too high?” Harwood asked. “When George W. Bush was president, his team articulated the view that…you shouldn’t have more than one-third of your income taken [through taxation]. Do you feel similarly that it’s wrong for more than one-half of somebody’s marginal income to be taken?”

Instead of saying taking away half of what Americans earn would be outrageous, Warren squirmed and seemed to suggest that even higher tax rates than 50 percent were acceptable to her.

“There was a time in a very prosperous America…where the top marginal rate was well above 50 percent,” she insisted to which Harwood reminded her that the number was an obscene 90 percent.

“That’s exactly right. But for me, the heart of the question you’ve got to ask is, ‘What constitutes a fair share in this economy?’ It depends in part on what the economy is,” Warren said excitedly.

Harwood persisted. “It doesn’t strike you as, obviously 90%, that’s ridiculous?” he said.

But Warren refused to agree noting that 90 percent could be just right in the right circumstance.

“90 percent sounds pretty shockingly high. But what I’m trying to get at is this is not about negotiating over specific numbers. It’s not about negotiating before you go into the negotiations,” Warren answered.

Wow. She wouldn’t even say that stealing away 90 percent of what you make is a bad idea, America! THIS is the woman so many liberals want in the White House.

This woman, who for decades lied about having Native American blood in her family, is now saying that taking away up to 90 percent of what you earn is not such a bad idea. No real capitalist would ever say such a thing, folks.

Who needs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when you already have a socialist in Washington?

H/T BizPacReview.

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