‘The View’ Host Says We Don’t Have A President Who’s An Example Anymore, Meghan McCain Wrecks Her

If you’ve watched ‘The View’ over the last few years you understand that the show is a complete disaster. The panel pretends to be analyzing the news of the day but in reality they are just reciting whatever talking points they saw on MSNBC or on Facebook the night before. Their isn’t any critical thought going on or any desire to learn from someone with a different point of view.

Trump sucks. Trump did this. Trump did that.

It’s nauseating.

Every once in awhile, Meghan McCain injects some sanity into the conversation and that’s exactly what happened on Monday.

From The Daily Caller:

When “The View” co-host Sara Haines complained on Monday that “the day and age of a moral leader left possibly with President Obama,” Meghan McCain clapped back immediately.

“What era was that?” McCain asked, “when JFK was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe?”

“Can I admit something, and maybe you will pass harsh judgment on me? I don’t care as much about his personal life and which Playboy bunny he slept with. That’s between him and Melania. I care about what’s going on with Iran. I care about all this foreign policy stuff. That’s what scares me …

I’m more scared of North Korea than the president’s personal life.”


Trump is not the first president to have some questionable things going on in his personal life and the voters clearly are only concerned about results.

Liberals love judging people and that’s always been the case but the virtue signaling that’s gone on from the left over the last few years is just gross.

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