REVENGE: Kid Who Was Suspended For Wearing Pro-Trump Shirt At School Gets The Last Laugh

Conservatives are familiar with the fact that their opinions not only don’t matter on school campuses but they have learned that their opinions basically aren’t welcome.

At college campuses across the country we have seen a remarkable silencing of speech carried out by the left that can only be described as totalitarian.

It’s not just colleges. It happens at high schools all the way down the line.

Typically, the left wins. They get it their way because liberals are the ones at positions of power at these schools. What they say goes.

Well, we are happy to report that you can officially score one for the good guys.

Freedom of speech prevailed in Oregon.

From The Daily Caller:

An Oregon student who wore a banned pro-border wall shirt will receive an apology from the principal at Liberty High School and $25,000 from the Hillsboro School District to cover attorney fees.

The court reached a settlement where Liberty High School principal Greg Timmons will write an apology to 18-year old senior Addison Barnes after he was suspended for wearing a “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.” shirt on Jan. 19. The school district will also pay for legal fees, according to The Oregonian on Tuesday.

School officials initially justified the censorship, saying the shirt would contribute to a hostile learning environment. School officials also noted that 33 percent of the school population was Hispanic and racial tensions were high due to racially charged language surrounding immigration, The Oregonian reported.

How about that?

Always nice to see the good guys win.

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