Ocasio-Cortez Commits Biggest Self-Own In History Of Twitter With Response To Humiliating Video

In case you missed it, there’s a great video going around that is clearly edited to mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Clearly a joke, right?

Well, liberals are crying foul about the “fake video” and Ocasio-Cortez isn’t happy about it.

Yes, liberals are actually pretending that Allie Beth Stuckey is trying to trick people into thinking this video is real when it’s clearly a joke.

From The Daily Wire:

“Girl— it was a clear joke, not a ‘fake’ video,” responded Stuckey. “As much as I disagree with you politically, I’ve been public about how impressed I am with your quick rise to prominence. Good luck!”

If you watch that video and think it’s real then you need to get out more and honestly maybe politics isn’t your thing.

Basically, all that happened here is that a conservative did something liberals don’t like. Liberals are embarrassed so they are freaking out. We see it all the time.

If you are worried that your supporters think that’s real doesn’t that say more about your supporters?

Democrats really need to listen to Joe Lieberman on this one.

If this woman is the future of the party then the future is not a bright one.

From Real Clear Politics:

FMR. SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (I-CT): Really the point was, what is the Democratic party going to be? I am still a Democrat and when I see somebody that really says she is a Socialist, she is a very charismatic, captivating candidate but if you look at the policies, those are not policies that will be supported very many places across America. If her win makes her into what Kellyanne Conway calls it “the new face of the Democratic party”, the Democratic party will not have a bright future…

As I said in the column in the Wall Street Journal today, she didn’t talk too much about foreign policy during the campaign. She obviously by her own acknowledgment does not know that much about foreign policy. But when she did talk about it, it was from the Democratic-Socialist organization policy book. It is very pro-socialist around the world…. Let me put it this way, it is too quick to criticize Israel so she during the campaign actually said at one point that the Israeli action to defend against the massing of troops on the border in Gaza by Hamas, was a massacre. That is very hot language and not fair.

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