Mysterious Necklace Hillary Is Wearing Sparks Serious Concern For Her Health

During the 2016 campaign a lot of people on the right were worried about Hillary Clinton’s health.

The liberal media has openly questioned the health of GOP candidates for years. They criticized McCain for being old. Bob Dole was often mocked for being old. We all know how the media has treated Trump’s mental health. It’s something the media has always done but yet for some reason they told us that it was wrong to wonder what was up with Hillary Clinton.

She was passing out on the campaign trail, falling down steps, she disappeared for days at a time. There were valid questions about whether or not Hillary was healthy enough to be president. Hillary made it worse by refusing to be up front and pretty much calling everyone sexist for asking.

Hillary isn’t a candidate anymore (at least not at the moment) but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still curious about her health.

She showed up at a music festival recently and people on the internet noticed something interesting about what she was wearing.

You notice that long necklace with the light brown square at the end?

What’s that all about?

Does that remind you of something?

Maybe, Life Alert?

Definitely looks similar but you’d think she’d tuck something like that in under shirt?

You never know, though. Hillary isn’t exactly famous for her self-awareness.

It’s very possible this is just a random necklace and it’s also true that there were a lot of conspiracy theories floating around in 2016 that weren’t true. At the same time, Hillary is a public figure. This comes with the territory.

It’s not even really a problem if she is wearing a Life Alert. That’s something a lot of people out there use and desperately need and no rational person is hoping that Hillary dies. It would just be very interesting to see how the mainstream media would explain shaming everyone who asked questions about her health in 2016 and then 2 years later she’s so frail she needs a Life Alert.

We’re just looking for a little honesty and consistency from the media and liberal politicians.

H/T The American Mirror

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