Kimberly Guilfoyle Breaks Silence, Officially Announces New Position After Leaving Fox

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Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle is finally speaking herself about her sudden departure from Fox News and she’s talking about the new position that she will be taking on.

It was announced that she would be leaving Fox News last week after 12 years with the network.

There were conflicting reports that her departure was not voluntary and Fox’s actions lent to that speculation.

Fox issued a terse statement just saying that she was leaving and she wasn’t there on the Friday show of “The Five’ so she was not able to say goodbye to her fellow hosts or to the audience.

But other reports noted conversely that Fox had known for awhile that she was planning on leaving and that her leaving was completely voluntary.

From Daily Caller:

Sources told that Guilfoyle was intentionally not given the opportunity to say goodbye to viewers on Friday, and HuffPost also reported that her departure from the network was not “voluntary.”

Guilfoyle’s attorney weighed in.

From Biz Pac Review:

Guilfoyle’s lawyer, Thomas Clare, dashed the rumors though, telling the Daily Caller that Guilfoyle’s exit was amicable and had been discussed for “an extended period of time.”

“As Fox News noted in statement earlier today, Ms. Guilfoyle and the network have agreed to part ways. That agreed-upon parting of ways has not yet been finalized, has been under discussion for an extended period of time, and is entirely mutual and amicable,” Clare said in an email.

A source close to Guilfoyle told Daily Caller that “any assertion that she was pushed out of Fox is false.”

“Fox has known for a while that she was planning on moving to the America First PAC and her leaving Fox is 100 percent voluntary,” the source insisted. “She is very excited about her new challenge and is appreciative that she had a great run with Fox News.”

Now finally, Guilfoyle herself is talking.

“Today I have a bitter-sweet announcement. I’ve decided to leave Fox News Channel and dedicate myself full time to joining America First as Vice Chairwoman, campaigning across the country and firmly standing with President Trump.

I will miss my Fox family. I thank Fox for the opportunities it has provided me. I thank all the talented producers, staff, and above all I thank the best fans out there.”

From Daily Caller:

America First is “the primary super PAC dedicated to electing federal candidates who support the agenda of the Trump-Pence administration,” according to their website. They are “committed to creating an America where prosperity, safety and strength reign.”

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