MSNBC Hosts Classic On Air Reaction To Hearing Trump’s Highest Approval Rating Yet

A lot of the media has been beating President Donald Trump for more than a week over his remarks at the Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin.

But the result after all that fire?

The highest approval rating of his presidency, according to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC.

From Biz Pac Review:

“President Donald Trump’s approval rating edged higher during a week in which he faced withering criticism following a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, signaling that he is positioned to weather the latest controversy sparked by his unusual brand of politics,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“Mr. Trump’s job approval rose to 45% in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, the highest mark of his presidency and up 1 percentage point from June,” the report continued. Among Republicans, that number is a notable 88 percent – the highest approval rating of his presidency.

Apologies for some background noise on the video.

An MSNBC panel that had to deal with the news just seemed stunned as they claimed Trump “defies political gravity.”

They simply can’t believe it. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asks Kevin McLaughlin of Cogent Strategies Principle to “please explain” why Trump’s approval numbers have actually increased among Republicans “especially considering that what we saw unfold over this week contradicts Republican orthodoxy for so many years.”

“President Trump has shown us through his campaign and throughout now, polling is what I took away from the 2016 election is the American people want authenticity. You may not like what authenticity is, you may not like what he’s saying or how he’s doing it, but he doesn’t back down from it,” McLaughlin replied.

“When he goes out and does these events, I will call them, it actually helps him in fly over country,” he continued. “The outrage you see is in the corridor where we all live and work. When we get out of here, yes people say he’s a knuckle head and they’ll say stuff like that. But by and large, you’ll see people say ‘I understand what he’s doing can hurt me personally, but we all have to make sacrifices.’”

Hunt responds, asking if he’s right that he can “walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot people’ and people will still stand with him. And McLaughlin seemed to agree, saying, “He defies political gravity.”

No, what they’re missing is that Americans are not looking at things through the lens of hysterical agenda driven media. That they see that Russia’s hacking wasn’t against the voting systems and that there has been no evidence of any collusion with Russia. So Americans, while condemning the actions that Russia takes against the United States, also see this as political obsessiveness for agenda reasons.

Americans also see the constant attacks pushed by the media and they don’t like it.

And they also have a broader lens than the media. They see all the good things that Trump has done that the media doesn’t want to cover, the great economy, the renewed economic confidence, the returning jobs.

And in the fabric of their lives, media obsessing over Russia ranks right up there with foot fungus in terms of issues they’re interested in.

Even McLaughlin acknowledged that much.

“When you look at tracking, Russia doesn’t register on the radar for what people care about,” McLaughlin said. “It is literally not even close to the top 15 issue.”

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