Dem Congressman Folds Like A Cheap Suitcase After Tucker Teaches Him A Lesson On ‘Treason’

The left’s newest attack on President Donald Trump is to claim he is somehow committing “treason” as an “agent of the Russians” instead of working for the U.S.A., but when one left-wing congressman tried that idiotic rhetoric, Fox News star Tucker Carlson didn’t let him get away with it.

Carlson welcomed Democrat congressman Adam Smith of Washington State on the air on Tuesday, but Tucker pounced when Smith tried to accuse Trump of ‘treason” for supposedly not accepting the conclusions of the various U.S. intelligence services.

BizPacReview related how Carlson skewered Smith:

Carlson asked: “So doubting the conclusions of the intel community is now treason? To have opinions you don’t like and to ask questions about the imprecise, never-fully-explained conclusions of the powerful American [intel community is a crime]?

Smith stammered: “The remedy for a crime by the president is impeachment.”

In a series of incoherent half-sentences, Smith walked back his initial accusations against Trump, and said what Russia did (meddling during the U.S. election) was a crime.

But Tucker wasn’t done:

Tucker followed up by asking Congressman Smith to spell out exactly what crime Trump had committed against his country at his joint press conference in Helsinki.

“What is the crime the president committed in doubting the indictment?” Carlson asked. “These are indictments [of Russian nationals], this isn’t a product of a jury trial. By definition, they aren’t proven. But you’re saying if you doubt charges brought by the government against somebody, you’re a criminal.”

Smith retorted: “I’m saying if you attempt to obstruct the investigation.”

Meanwhile, Special counsel Robert Mueller has produced no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion or obstruction of justice.

Tucker asked: “How is he attempting to obstruct the investigation?”

Smith quipped: “He’s siding with a foreign power.”

Tucker asked: “So having the same opinion as Vladimir Putin is a crime?”

It is likely that Rep. Smith didn’t expect to have to answer real questions about his accusations. After all, the media usually just sits back and allows Democrats to spew lie after lie without any challenges at all.

Worse, Smith is likely just parroting the party line, anyway, and clearly never spent even ten seconds to think through what his obscene rhetoric really means.

But Tucker revealed how empty it all was.

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